How To Hire A Handyman For Your Home Improvement Project.

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Sometimes DIY doesn’t work out. Although some jobs, such as hanging a picture frame or resealing your shower, seem easy enough, it’s difficult to do many DIY projects quickly and correctly.

Hiring a handyman is an excellent option if you’re looking to start a home remodel, termite damage repair, deck construction, or other home improvement projects. However, when you begin searching for a handyman, you might need help finding the perfect one.

When looking for a handyman, you should always do your research. House Repair and Care and Handyman Service presents this article to help you choose a trustworthy and top-notch handyman.

What Is A Handyman?

A handyman is someone that can complete many home improvement projects. They are experts who can boast professionalism and competence in surface-level home maintenance.

Some handymen are self-trained, while others have professional training in multiple fields. Some specialize in certain aspects of the job, such as carpentry, floors, or home remodeling. Every handyman is different.

Though some handymen do not receive professional training, they should have a state license and follow local regulations. For example, most counties in Tennessee require practicing handymen to get a home improvement license. Hiring someone backed by a government agency is always best.

Why Should I Choose A Handyman Instead Of A Contractor?

When deciding between a handyman and a contractor, consider how large the job at hand is and if it requires specialized attention. Plumbing and electrical work, for example, often require a specialist.

Handymen often deal with smaller jobs, such as wiring light fixtures, painting, repairing drywall, building and repairing decks, remodeling, and more. Unless your handyman also has a license in a specialized field, a contractor may prove the better option for large or specialty jobs.

How To Choose The Best Handyman

If time permits, choose 3-5 candidates in your local area that you can research and interview. After you’ve narrowed your search down, you should begin the following process.

Check Their Reviews

Reputable businesses have an online presence. It doesn’t matter whether they have a Google Reviews page, Yelp site, or their website, you should find evidence of the target handyman’s business online.

Always read reviews before choosing a handyman. Some handymen’s websites include reviews from customers. While those reviews are likely reliable, you should try to get a second opinion from a third-party website as well.

You can also check the Better Business Bureau for business ratings. The BBB is a reputable source that reviews companies based on their quality of work and likelihood to deliver top-notch products or services.

Ask Questions

You should compile a list of questions related to the job. The questions should also address the handyman to ensure you hire a trustworthy person. Make sure that their expertise and answers align with the job at hand.

Some example questions include:

  • How many years have you done this job?
  • Do you have experience with my particular project?
  • Do you have a home improvement license?
  • How long do you predict the project will take?
  • What are your guarantees when performing a job?

Compare Multiple Handymen

Even if you have a good feeling about the first handyman you speak to, you should always interview 2-3 people. Though the first handyman may seem like the perfect fit, you may encounter someone else who may offer a better price or has more experience with your project.

Be careful with overly cheap quotes, as they may signify a handyman who is inexperienced and/or will leave you with below-average results. A trustworthy handyman should offer both quick and affordable service and practice transparency.

Get It In Writing

When you decide on a handyman, make sure to ask for a written quote. This ensures the price you and your handyman agree on is the price that you end up paying, even if the handyman works a little longer than expected.

This quote should include a general summary of the job details, cost of labor, cost of materials, payment schedule, and the timeline for when the job should start and finish. Getting a written quote ensures that your handyman considers the scope of the project and plans it out before beginning work.

Looking for a Top-Notch Handyman in Clarksville, TN?

If you want to start a high-quality home remodeling project, consider House Repair and Care and Handyman Service. We are a family-owned home repair, remodeling, and handyman service.

You can count on us to have the job done right the first time. Call us at (931) 645-0382 or get a free quote online today.

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