5 Things To Consider When Replacing A Roof

What to consider if you need your roof replaced

Like any large construction project, it’s a good idea to take your time before committing to a roof replacement in Clarksville, TN, or the surrounding areas. A little research will ensure a smooth roof replacement for your Tennessee home and a lot less stress.

The team at House Repair and Care and Handyman Services has made it easy for you with five important considerations for a roof replacement:

#1 Do You Need a New Roof?

Your roof may look worn, but is it doing its job? The only reason to consider a replacement rather than repairs is if the roof’s structure is at risk or it’s nearing the end of its twenty-five-year lifespan. Call us for an estimate on a new roof if you notice these warning signs:

  • Sagging structure
  • Water leaks in the ceiling or attic
  • Visibly cracked or damaged shingles
  • Inexplicable spikes in your energy bill

If it has been more than 25 years since the last roof replacement and you aren’t sure about whether you need a new one, call our professional roofing contractor for a thorough inspection. We are happy to advise you on the best way forward.

#2 What are the Best Roofing Materials?

One of the most intimidating choices for a new roof is the roofing material selection. While you can stick to traditional asphalt shingles, there are a staggering number of options that you might want to consider as you upgrade your roof to match the wonders of modern technology. For example, metal roofs have come a long way in twenty years, and newer roofing materials promise better durability and energy efficiency for long-term savings. 

If you’re considering replacing your shingles with something heavier, like slate or ceramic tiles, it is also essential to test whether your old roof structure can handle the extra weight.

#3 Are There Different Roofing Options?

Do you have asphalt shingles? You may be able to layer another roofing material on these shingles instead of peeling them off. It garners massive savings and removes the intensive labor of a general roof replacement service.

However, you may need to peel the existing shingle layer due to:

  • Building codes in your area
  • Uneven shingles on your existing roof
  • Sagging or underlying structural damage
  • Inappropriate roofing materials

#4 What Benefits Does a Roofing Contractor Guarantee?

The key to a successful roof replacement is working with a trustworthy contractor like us. We provide advice throughout the process that is accurate and objective, including material selection and decisions about the replacement strategy. If you want to check on the service before committing, check with friends or relatives for recommendations and take your search to online review platforms.

It is also an excellent idea to get the names and contact details for several contractors and compare quotes. Ask for their references and current ongoing projects, and get in touch with those people for honest feedback. Our contractor is happy to provide myriad references and a detailed evaluation so that you can see why our roof replacement services are the best in the area.

Quality First

When it comes to roofing, choosing the lowest quote is not always a good decision. Contractors who offer lower quotes than the industry average are often cutting costs by compromising on the quality of the work or materials. You may be satisfied with the initial results, but the work won’t hold up over time.

Removal and Refuse Disposal

Ask your contractor if they’ll handle the disposal of your current roof, like House Repair and Care and Handyman Services. Will they dispose of any refuse during the replacement like we do, or will there be a skip blocking your driveway as their contractors trample all over your garden? Focus on a company like ours that will get you a high-quality replacement and a hassle-free solution that lasts for decades.

#5 What Else Is There to Know About Roof Replacement?

As with any construction project, dust and noise are reasonable expectations. When House Repair and Care and Handyman Services help you with a roof replacement, we often recommend that the homeowner vacates the premises during the project to limit the resident’s exposure to both these elements. We also consider your neighbors and local noise regulations while we work.

A roof replacement does not have to live up to its reputation as a homeowner’s nightmare with the right service. If your original idea of replacing your roof involves expenses, tedium, and noise, you might be surprised to learn that the end of a roof’s lifespan can offer opportunities and homeowner satisfaction instead. Why not explore the options at House Repair and Care and Handyman Services for the protection you need from an affordable and reliable service? 

If you’re thinking about a roof replacement, get in touch with House Repair and Care and Handyman Services at (931) 645-0382 for the Clarksville roof of your dreams.

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