How To Build A Deck Gate Professionally

How To Build A Deck Gate Professionally House Repair and Care

A deck gate is a great way to ensure that your deck is safe for children and pets, while also providing privacy. Building a wood deck gate yourself can be a challenge, but it’s doable with the right tools and instructions. This complete deck gate guide will show you how to build one from scratch, using basic materials and tools. Also, it will give you deck railing and DIY deck gate ideas.

Safety Guidelines Before Building A Deck Gate?

Building a wooden deck gate is not a difficult task, but there are a few safety guidelines you should follow to ensure the structure is safe and stable for your own deck gate construction.

  • Be sure to check your local building deck gate codes to see if there are any specific requirements for deck gates in your area. It’s also important to make sure the gate will be the correct size for the opening in your deck.
  • Always use pressure-treated lumber when building any type of outdoor structure, including a scrap wood deck gate. This will help to prevent rot and insect damage.
  • Be sure to attach the gate to the deck frame with strong hardware, such as galvanized screws or nails.

Types Of Deck Gate

There are a few different types of deck gates you can choose from.

Wooden Outdoor Gate

A wooden outdoor gate is the most common type of gate used for decks. It can be made from pressure-treated lumber or cedar, and it can be stained or painted to match the rest of your deck.

Escape Retaining Gate

An escape retaining gate is a type of deck gate that is specifically designed to prevent children and pets from falling off of the deck. It has a self-closing and latching mechanism, and it can be made from wood or metal.

Matching Deck Gate

A matching deck gate is a gate that is made from the same material as your deck. If your deck is made of pressure-treated lumber, then your gate should be made of pressure-treated lumber as well.

Homemade Vinyl Gate

A homemade vinyl gate is a deck gate that is made from PVC pipe and fittings. It’s a relatively simple structure to build, and it can be customized to match the style of your deck.

Sliding Deck Gate

A sliding deck gate is a type of gate that slides open and closed, rather than swinging open like a traditional gate. It can be made from wood or metal, and it’s a great option if you have limited space on your deck.

Tools And Building Materials

For a better understanding, we recommend that you take a look at the list of tools and materials needed to complete this project.

Measuring Tape

The first thing you need is a measuring tape to properly measure the opening of your deck.

Table Circular Saw

You will also need a table or circular saw to cut the lumber for your gate.

Drill & Screwdriver

To attach the hardware to your gate, you will need a drill and screwdriver.

Framing Square

A framing square will be necessary to make sure the cuts for your gate are straight.


The type of lumber you use for your gate will depend on the style of gate you’re going to build. Pressure-treated lumber is a good option for most gates, but you can also use cedar or redwood.

Two Gate Hinges

Most deck gates will require two hinges to be properly installed.

Steps To Build A Deck Gate

To build a deck gate, you need to follow these simple steps:

Measuring The Width

The measurements for your deck gate require you to anticipate a few things. You need to know the height and width of the opening, as well as the thickness of the lumber you will be using.

Measuring The Space

If you are using premade gate hardware, it is important to measure the deck space between the two hinges to get the correct size. The gate should open and close easily, without any binding or rubbing.

Appropriate Wood

The type of wooden gate will depend on the deck gate design. Pressure-treated lumber is the most common type of lumber used for deck gates because it is resistant to rot and insect damage. Cedar is also a good option because it is durable and has a beautiful natural color.

If you want a more traditional look, pressure-treated lumber is a good option. For a more modern look, you can use cedar or redwood.

Cutting the Wood

Once you have the lumber and the hardware, you can start cutting the wood to size. You will need to cut two pieces for the frame of the wooden gate, as well as two pieces for the crossbars.

While keeping in mind the gate can’t be more than 4” above the deck, cut the top and bottom gate frame horizontal and vertical 2x4s to the length required based on your measurement.

Building The Frame

To build the frame of the gate, you will need to attach the horizontal and vertical 2x4s using hinges. Start by attaching the two vertical 2x4s to the deck using hinges. Then, attach the two horizontal 2x4s to the vertical 2x4s.

Connect the top and bottom halves of the frame by attaching the horizontal 2x4s to the vertical 2x4s. To add balusters, you will first need to drill pilot holes into the 2x4s. Once the pilot holes are drilled, use wood screws to attach the balusters.

Painting Or Staining The Wood

After the frame of the gate is built, you can paint or stain the wood to match the color of your deck. With pressure-treated lumber, it is necessary to stain or paint the wood for protection. This will help to protect the wood from rot and insect damage. 

Adding Corner Braces

If you want to add extra support to your gate, you can install corner braces. Corner braces are L-shaped brackets that are attached to the inside corners of the gate frame.

To install four metal corner braces, drill pilot holes, and use wood screws to attach the braces to the 2x4s. Make sure the brackets are installed so that they are flush with the inside of the frame.

Installing The Latch

The final step is to install the gate latch. The type of latch you use will depend on the style of your gate. If you are using a pressure-treated wood gate, it is important to use a stainless steel or brass latch to avoid corrosion.

To install the latch, drill pilot holes and use screws to attach it to the frame of the gate. Make sure the latch is installed so that it is flush with the inside of the frame.

Contact A Fence Company

If you need help installing your deck gate, contact our House Repair and Care. We are a professional repair that specializes in deck gates and can help you with the installation process. Our team of experts can also help you choose the right type of gate for your home.

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