9 Ideas Of How To Decorate Deck For Relaxation

9 Ways to Decorate Your Deck House Repair and Care

Decorating your deck can make spending time outdoors even more enjoyable. Enhance your deck’s entertainment and relaxation value by outfitting it with a complete theme.

Here are nine fun ideas for theming your deck décor. Some are simply a creative use of your existing deck space. Others may require deck renovation, such as adding a pergola, installing corner posts, mounting an awning, or building a mini-bar. If one of these seems ideal for your personality and your space, House Repair and Care and Handyman Service can help!

Bar and Grill

The “Bar and Grill” theme could be for you if you like to entertain on the deck. Construct a brick grilling fireplace at one end of the deck (or install a sizeable portable gas grill). On the other end, build or install a mini-bar, complete with counter space, a sink, and a cooler. Populate the middle with bistro tables and chairs in your choice of colors. Put up strings of lights and install Bluetooth speakers at each corner. Once you’ve finished setting this up, don’t be surprised if your parties become the hit of the neighborhood!


If you can’t go to the beach, then bring the beach home! Paint the deck floor in a light tan color reminiscent of sand. Combine white wicker and pastel-painted wood furniture with cushions, upholstery, and throw pillows covered in blue stripes or mixed pastels. Attach sand dollars, starfish, and other types of seashells (find at arts and crafts stores) to muslin fabric or burlap to create wall hangings (or curtains, if you have corner posts or a pergola). Life preservers, boat oars, and tiki torches add to the look.


Fairyland starts with – what else – fairy lights! Criss-cross them between corner posts. Add flowering bushes and plants around the edges of your deck (think Oriental lilies and wildflowers). Accent with garden décor elements like large butterflies (fabric over wireframes) and gnomes. Rattan furniture is perfect for the fairyland feel. The trickling, babbling water sound of a tabletop fountain helps complete the mood.

Family Room

What could be cozier than moving the family gathering room to the outside? Start with an indoor-outdoor rug that will drain well but has enough cushiony nap to feel good on bare feet. Add a sofa and chairs upholstered in outdoor fabric and accent with molded coffee and end tables. Set up a Bluetooth speaker or two. A watertight cabinet is handy for storing lap desks, games, and toys on one side. Finish with a stationary or retractable awning.

Man Cave

A proper “Man Cave” will have a retractable awning, one or two recliner-style chairs, an upholstered sofa, a small refrigerator kept stocked with beer and snacks, and the piece de resistance: a television mounted inside a watertight storage cabinet that opens up for viewing. Dartboards and ping pong tables add to the fun!

Mod Squad

The beauty of this theme is that it can include any décor you want! Use lots of tie-dye and paisley, purples and pinks, acid greens and lemon yellows, electric blue and black and white. Substitute the porch light bulb with a blacklight bulb and enjoy watching the patterns start glowing after dark. Hot tubs are a great addition to this theme.


Create an oasis in your backyard by populating your deck with large potted plants, a garden fountain, big floor pillows, and a chiminea-style firepit. Intensify the effect by adding a pergola, hanging plants, and semi-sheer fabric curtains. If there is no pergola, a large patio umbrella is a must.

Summer Camp

Rustic is the name of this game! Put up a tent at one end, with cots and sleeping bags inside. A wooden picnic table is a must. So is a portable fire pit, flashlights, battery-powered lanterns, and hand-held fans (whether battery-powered or human-powered). Should you have corner posts or a pergola, string colorful banner flags overhead.


This is perfect if you have a substantial tree at one end of your deck or if you built the deck around an existing tree. Otherwise, line the deck edges with potted trees and provide card tables and folding chairs. A small refrigerator for snacks and drinks and some rustic shelves complete your gathering spot.


Ready to get your deck theme underway? For any needed renovation or repair, call House Repair and Care and Handyman Service at (931) 645-0382 for a free estimate. We guarantee all our work and proudly serve our home city of Clarksville and the surrounding area.

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