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 For many people, a fence calls to mind the white picket fences of suburbia. Fences have so much more to offer than yard decoration, though. In fact, fences serve highly practical functions that can improve the quality of your home.

Read on to learn why a fence is a simple yet worthwhile investment. We’ve also sprinkled in some fun facts about fences to ensure that you’ll never think of fences the same way again.

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1. Fences Increase Privacy

Privacy is a top consideration for most people who decide to install a fence. Fences allow you and your family to relax in your yard undisturbed. You can invite friends for an intimate gathering without attracting attention from neighbors or passersby.

A fence also serves as an easy way to mark the property lines between you and your neighbor. Without a property marker, you and your neighbors may disagree on where one property ends and the other begins. A fence visibly resolves this matter, helping you keep the peace with your neighbors.

2. Fences Are Noise-Insulating

A fence is a great way to reduce noise from surrounding homes. A fence essentially acts as a sound barrier. You can even purchase fences made with special soundproofing material for more effective noise reduction.

3. Fences Enhance Home Security

Fences protect against neighborhood crime, especially burglary and vandalism. The higher the fence, the greater the protection against burglars, vandals, and other trespassers. If an intruder has to scale a fence to enter a home, they are much less likely to target that home.

Further, let’s not forget animal invaders, especially if you have a garden or a swimming pool. If plant-loving wildlife is destroying your garden, install a fence to keep them out. A well-buried fence is also one of the few ways to keep snakes and groundhogs off your property.

Additionally, a fence prevents your kids or pets from wandering off your property. Similarly, if you live on a farm or a homestead, a heavy-duty fence keeps your animals on your land.

4. Fences Provide Shelter

Fences act as a barrier, curbing wind damage to your property. You can install a metal, steel, or concrete fence if you live in an area prone to high winds, storms, or hurricanes.

Even a picket fence can stand up to wind if constructed using hardy wood. Furthermore, all these fence types—even concrete fences—lend themselves to beautiful designs despite their robustness.

5. Fences Add Serious Curb Appeal

A fence beautifies any property. You can make your fence as straightforward or as ornate as you please. For example, you can choose a split-rail fence if your taste leans more rustic, or opt for a beautiful trellis fence that allows you to plant vines or other “creepers” for a charming, fairytale appeal.

Having a fence raises the resale value of your home, too. A durable, long-lasting fence can potentially add thousands of dollars to your property value.

6. Livestock Contributed to Fencing’s Invention

Before fencing become common, livestock roamed free and could escape a farmer’s property. Even worse, the escaped livestock could trample public lands. Incorporating fencing on farms and ranches kept these all-important animals enclosed in their pastures.

Then came the critical invention of barbed-wire fencing, which farmers and ranchers still use today. Barbed wire fencing essentially ushered in the Agricultural Revolution, as it was the first type of fencing capable of restraining cattle.

7. You Can See One Fence from Space

The Great Wall of China is technically a fence! Ancient Chinese dynasties began building the wall in the seventh century BC to protect China from invasion and regulate trade. It spans more than 13,000 miles of China’s historical borders and is visible from space.

8. The First Fences Were Moats

Yes, as in moats around castles. The first moats consisted of water-filled trenches built to defend inhabitants from invaders. People who built moats may also have added plants to act as a living fence.

Today, some people still use moats as fences for garden pest control. Chicken moats, for instance, surround gardens to ward off insects, groundhogs, deer, and even weeds. These moats can measure up to six feet across to ensure maximum protection.


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