7 Ways Of How To Protect Wood From Sun Damage

7 Ways To Protect Wood From Sun Damage House Repair and Care

If you have a wooden deck, patio, or wooden indoor or outdoor furniture, they risk sustaining damage from the sun. These significant investments don’t have to become faded and ugly from UV rays, however. Read on to find out how to protect the wood from sun damage.

The House Repair and Care and Handyman Service team offers you seven tips for protecting wood from the sun’s damaging rays:

  1. Cover What You Can

Both indoor and patio furniture face sunlight exposure. Even indoor furniture such as wooden tables can become discolored from the sun’s UV rays, and patio furniture may be in the direct path of the sun for many hours a day, causing severe fading. You can use a tarp or UV-resistant furniture cover to protect outdoor wood furniture from sun damage when not using them.

For indoor wood furniture, it’s not enough to only use a tablecloth or sheet to guard your tables and chairs. While it may seem like a good solution, thin tablecloths and other decorative furniture coverings don’t provide enough protection. You should use blinds and curtains to keep the sun’s rays from reaching your indoor wood furniture in this situation.

  1. Avoid Sunlight

Another simple way to protect wood furniture from sun damage includes avoiding sunlight altogether. You can arrange indoor furniture away from areas where windows expose your furniture to sunlight. Take advantage of areas hidden from sunlight, such as darker corners of rooms.

You can avoid sun damage on outdoor wood furniture by strategically placing pieces away from areas where sunlight falls. Alcoves and awnings make perfect spots to store outdoor furniture. If you don’t have access to these options, keeping them in a dark shed when they’re not in use can be just as effective, despite being more inconvenient.

  1. Use Oil

As far as treatments go to protect the wood from sun damage, consider a simple and easy solution to give outdoor furniture the protection it needs: use a protective oil to help maintain its color even with extended sun exposure. You can apply oil to your deck and outdoor furniture to help the wood resist UV damage and enjoy a clear finish that strengthens the wood over time.

  1. Paint, Varnish, and Seal

You can use paint, varnish, and sealants to protect your wood from sun damage. A UV-resistant paint provides comprehensive protective benefits and allows you to give a splash of color to your outdoor wood furniture, deck, or wood patio.

Wood varnish, polyurethane, and lacquer make even better options to seal your deck or patio. They provide a beautiful wood finish while giving excellent protection against sun damage. Also, many offer additional benefits, such as being waterproof or resistant against outdoor debris.

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  1. Introduce Shade

Introducing shade is an excellent way to protect your outdoor wooden furniture from the harsh sunlight. You can find many ways to add shade to your outdoor space without relying on your home’s outdoor construction to help you avoid sunlight, including implementing the following:

  •       Shade trees
  •       UV-resistant awnings
  •       UV-protective umbrellas
  •       Large plants and shrubbery

While shade may be an effective way to protect the wood from sun damage, you should also use another solution for your outdoor furniture to ensure maximum protection.

  1. Use Window Film

Window film acts as another worthy alternative to blinds and curtains if you want to diffuse sunlight throughout your rooms so that your furniture does not sustain heavy sun damage. You can apply a tinted, UV-protective window film to your windows.

The film reduces the amount of sunlight to reach your indoor environment, so you can rest assured that UV rays won’t cause your new or antique furniture to darken, fade, or become discolored. You’ll still be able to see outside, but those looking in will see a reflection.

  1. Contact a Professional

When you need to protect your wooden possessions from sun damage, calling a professional provides a sure way to help keep sun damage away. A professional home repair service like House Repair and Care and Handyman Service can protect your wood deck or patio with industry-standard protective solutions to extend its life. When we perform services, we can resolve the following issues with our wood deck care and maintenance tips and more and more:

  •       Wood erosion
  •       Sun damage
  •       Loose boards

Whether you need to guard wood furniture or your deck from the sun, House Repair and Care and Handyman Service can help you get the protection you need. Contact us today at (931) 645-0382.

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